A Resolution…

This resolution was pre-New Year actually but wasn’t really put into action until after. I need to get fit. Again. At my peak I participated in a minimum of 10 exercise classes a week, although my diet and nutrition has always been somewhat hit and miss… mainly miss. So when I stopped teaching a year ago I gained weight, lost tone and my fitness level hit the floor and it wasn’t until December I decided to do something about it.

I joined a new gym, Pure Fitness, which is a very short walk from my house. Proximity to my house has been an important factor I think. Pure Fitness doesn’t do any of the classes I’d been used to – oh no. They have 3 classes on the timetable – Pure Conditioning, #CircuitSquad and Fight Club, which is their signature class. Each of them is a killer.

So I begin…

Start date: 6th January 2017
Weight: 68.5 kg
Body Fat %: 30.5
Visceral Fat: 7

As of this morning:

Weight: 66.2kg
Body Fat %: 30
Visceral Fat: 7

2.3kg total loss so far (5lbs). Win 🙂

I’ll be detailing aspects of my diet and exercise as I go, updating stats and reviewing some products and food/supplements.

Here we go!


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