Midweek Roundup

It’s humpday! Which means I should’ve had 6 sessions so far this week but I’ve actually only had 4. I had a night off last night which is a good thing – it’s always good to be reminded that it’s ok to miss a day and nothing disastrous will happen.

So tonight was a gruelling conditioning class followed by Fight Club. I was partnered with a new guy and asked to “look after him”. Poor guy….! We had a lot of fun though, I pushed pretty hard considering it was my second class.

So… for Pure Conditioning:

  • 2 minutes bicep rows – 5kg handweigts
  • 2 minutes upright rows – 3kg handweights
  • 1 minute flys – 3kg handweights
  • 1 minute squat and press – 5kg handweights

Rinse and repeat five times… until:

  • 1 minute pike v crunches
  • 1 minute planks
  • 1 minute Russian twists

Three times through

Stretch 🙂

Then for Fight Club:

  • 2 minutes sprints
  • 2 minutes rowing (I almost made my 500km goal!! It hit 500m after the 2 minute timer)
  • 1 minute pad work – 1 minute shadow boxing
  • 2 minutes step ups on the ring
  • 2 minutes in the ring with a trainer
  • 2 minutes tone up board (8/10 done)
  • 5 x 2 minute rounds on the bags

Then we had an evil last 15 minutes of:

  • sprints-bunny hops-bear crawls (repeat)
  • 30 seconds on/off the bags
  • Tone up board from bottom to top

Makes for one tired girly! But it’s working so I’m treating myself to shopping tomorrow 🙂




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